Piano Storage



There are many reasons people need to store pianos. Relocating and remodeling are the most common. Instead of having to lug your piano around with you in between homes, let us move it, store it, and then return it to you when your ready. We store all of our pianos in a climate-controlled storage area to protect the instrument from fluctuating temperatures that could have a negative effect on the strings, keys, and wood.

We can help you with the following services:

  • Pick up and return
  • Climate controlled storage
  • Easy online month to month payments
  • Peace of mind
Grand piano storage$70
Upright piano storage$50
Grand piano pick up$200
Upright piano pick up$115
Grand piano return$200
Upright piano return$115

There is no extra charge if there are 4 or less steps at each house. If there are more than 4 steps we charge $5 per stair extra. For example for 7 steps at one house we would charge $35.

If both homes are located within Salt Lake County there is no extra charge. For any travel outside of Salt Lake County we charge $60 an hour round trip. For example, if you are located in Brigham City, it’s 50 minutes from Salt Lake County so we would charge an additional $100.

Other price variables could include turns in flights of stairs, narrow split level entries, or travel over grass or dirt to get the piano in the house. If you have any of those included in your move, please contact us for pricing.

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