Luann B.

My piano is an antique short upright. We had it moved from the lower level to the main level of our split level home, 7 straight stairs. This piano has been moved countless times in it’s life and has the damage to show it. Never have I seen such effective piano moving. The guys called ahead and showed up on time at the beginning of the window they provided (we forgot they were coming). They had a ramp, blankets, and mats to protect my floors. They spent more time ensuring the ramp was safe, and wouldn’t slip, than it took to get the piano moved. This is how things are done. I was amazed. Usually I have to walk away in fear when the movers come because they are so ill prepared and struggle so much. I took pictures this time. Zero damage to my piano, walls, or floors. I highly recommend and will use them if we need to move it again. 10 Stars!